Baking: Tricolored Heron


Egretta tricolor

Length: 20-30 in Wingspan: 35-45 in Weight: 0.5-1 lb


Small blue bird with purple back of neck and head, thin white on chin and front of neck becoming all white flanks. Bill with dark tip, base and facial skin blue in breeding season, yellow in non breeding season.



Resident along the Gulf Coast, Caribbean, and coasts of Mexico and northern South America. Summer range extends north along Atlantic Coast. Winter range extends to inland Mexico and Baja California.

Cool Facts:

Tricolored Herons may be seen holding their wings outspread like a canopy while peering into the water for prey. Fish are attracted to the enticing patch of shade beneath the bird’s feathers, then quickly become a meal.

Make your own bird cookies!

Cookie Recipe

Homemade cookie cutter guide


All About Birds

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