Baking: Reddish Egret


Egretta rufescens

Length: 25-35 in Wingspan: 40-50 in Weight: 1-2 lbs


Large heron with light pink bill, topped in black. Comes in two color morphs: white morph is all white, dark morph has blue/gray body and rufous neck and head.



Most salt-water dependent of North American herons. Resident of Gulf Coast and Pacific Coast from Florida to northern South America.

Cool Facts:

Reddish Egrets come in either a white or dark color morph, regardless of sex. As is the case for many birds with color morphs, a mated pair may be of uniform or mixed color, and a single nest can contain chicks of both plumages.

Make your own bird cookies!

Cookie Recipe

Homemade cookie cutter guide


All About Birds

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