This blog began as a journal for my field research.

I’m a recent PhD graduate from UC Berkeley. My research used a unique historical dataset – field journals from the early 1900s – to look at how changes in climate and land use have impacted bird distributions in California. Over the past five years, I’ve revisited 83 of these historic sites in order to compare the birds I see now to those seen a hundred years ago.

Catch up on my adventures roaming California in search of birds:

Central Valley 2015

Central Valley 2016

Though this particular blog focuses on my travels in California, I’ve been collecting stories from my other field research for many years. These stories are longer, but they offer a more detailed look into life as a field researcher in some pretty phenomenal settings.

Appledore Island, Maine, 2011

Appledore Island, Maine, 2012

Appledore Island, Maine, 2013

Barrow, Alaska, 2012

United Arab Emirates, 2011