Baking: Band-rumped Storm-Petrel


Oceanodroma castro

Length: 8 in Wingspan: 18.5 inWeight: 1-2 oz


Dark overall with white rump. Compared to Wilson’s, is larger, has less white on rump, longer arched wings, and weaker carpal band that does not fully extend to the leading edge of the wing.



Nests in the eastern Atlantic, in the Pacific near Japan, on Hawaii, and in the Galapagos.

Cool Facts:

Band-Rumped Storm-Petrels and their relatives feed by hovering over the ocean while pattering their feet on the surface, giving the appearance of walking on water.  The family name Hydrobatidae is Greek for “water walking,” and petrel comes from St. Peter, who was said to walk on water.

Make your own bird cookies!

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