Baking: Wilson’s Storm-Petrel


Oceanites oceanicus

Length: 7 in Wingspan: 1-1.5 feet Weight: 1-2 oz


Dark overall with white rump and slightly notched tail. Compared to other storm-petrels, Wilson’s  have long legs, extensive white on the undertail coverts, shallow wingbeats, and pale greater coverts.



Nests in sub-Antarctic. Moves north throughout the world’s oceans during the non breeding season, but mainly in the Atlantic.

Cool Facts:

Wilson’s Storm-petrels number in the tens of millions, one of the most abundant bird species on the planet, and yet most humans will never see one. These incredibly tough, swallow-sized birds are at home over the open ocean during even the roughest storms.

Make your own bird cookies!

Cookie Recipe

Homemade cookie cutter guide


Audubon Field Guide

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