Baking: Pink-footed Shearwater


Ardenna creatopus

Length: 18 in Wingspan: 3-4 feet Weight: 1-2 lbs


Light undersides with variable dark speckling. Pinkish bill and feet.



Nest on Robinson Crusoe Island, Santa Clara, and Isla Mocha islands off the coast of Chile. Common summer visitor to the west coast of North America as far as Alaska.

Cool Facts:

Pink-footed Shearwaters are part of a family known as tubenose seabirds, which have a tube-like structure on their bill and an outstanding sense of smell; out of miles of open ocean, these birds use their noses to zero in on swarms of tiny krill feeding below the surface.

Make your own bird cookies!

Cookie Recipe

Homemade cookie cutter guide


Audubon Field Guide

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