Baking: Black-capped Petrel


Pterodroma hasitata

Length: 16 in Wingspan: 3-4 feet Weight: 1-2 lbs


Relatively large compared to other petrels. White uppertail coverts and underside of wings, with dark “M” pattern. Black cap and pale nape, variable to entirely white collar.



Nests on forested cliffs in the West Indies, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

Cool Facts:

Black-capped Petrels are an IUCN endangered species. Declines since the middle of the 19th century are likely due to introduced predators on nesting islands.

The local Spanish name Diablotin, or “little devil,” may refer to the nocturnal habits of these birds and their odd mating calls, evoking an image of evil spirits in the dark.

Make your own bird cookies!

Cookie Recipe

Homemade cookie cutter guide


Audubon Field Guide

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