Baking: Greater Sage-Grouse



Centrocercus urophasianus

Length: 22-29 Weight: 3-6 lbs


Distinctive long pointed tail and large white throat pouch, inflated during mating display. Compared to Gunnison Sage-Grouse, head plumes are thinner and less prominent.



Resident of a small area of in the Great Basin.

Cool Facts:

The declining Greater Sage-Grouse is the focus of a landmark conservation initiative developed jointly by environmentalists, ranchers, industry, and politicians. Cooperation and research by these diverse groups has kept this species off the Endangered Species List.

Many grouse, and especially the Greater Sage-Grouse, are well known for their lekking behavior, where several males will gather in a small area and display to attract females. These displays are phenomenal, and a little other-worldly.

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