Baking: Mallard



Anas platyrhynchos

Length: 19-25 in Weight: 2-3 lbs


The iconic duck. Males have an iridescent green head, brown breast, and gray body. Females are brown overall; their bill is colored orange to olive, and a dark splotch near the center.

Domestic Mallards may have coloration similar to their wild counterparts, or may be found in a variety of mottled color combinations, including black and white.



Widespread year round throughout most of the United States. During summer, range extends into northern Canada and Alaska.

Cool Facts:

The Mallard is the common ancestor of nearly every domestic duck breed, except for the Muscovy Duck.

Mallards really get around! They are so widespread across the globe that several sub-populations have achieved their own species status, and Mallards have been recorded hybridizing with a vast diversity of other duck species.

Make your own bird cookies!

Cookie recipe

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