Baking: Double-Crested Cormorant


Phalacrocorax auritus

Length: 25-35 in Wingspan: 45-50 in Weight: 2.5-5.5 lbs


Black bird with orange facial skin behind the bill. During the breeding season, sports a crest on either side of the head with either black or white feathers, depending on region.



Found throughout North America, in summer ranging north to Alaska and central Canada, and in winter found along the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf Coasts.

Cool Facts:

Double-Crested Cormorants and their relatives have less waterproof feathers than ducks; greater water absorption reduces buoyancy and increases underwater speed and agility, but back on land, cormorants must sun their feathers to dry them.

Make your own bird cookies!

Cookie Recipe

Homemade cookie cutter guide


All About Birds

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