Baking: Short-tailed Shearwater


Ardenna tenuirostris

Length: 16 in Wingspan: 3-3.5 feet Weight: 1-2 lbs


Dark above and below with light wing underwing patches, variable in lightness but generally lightest over secondary coverts (compare to Sooty Shearwater with lighter underwing overall, and lightest over primary coverts). Dark bill and feet.



Nests on Tasmania and Australia. In nonbreeding season, common on Pacific Ocean from Japan to Alaska, and few birds seen farther south along the coast of North America.

Cool Facts:

The Short-tailed Shearwater and its relatives return to feed their chicks at night, when entrance to their nesting burrows is masked by complete darkness. To locate the right burrow in the dark, nocturnal shearwaters rely on their acute sense of smell.

Make your own bird cookies!

Cookie Recipe

Homemade cookie cutter guide


Audubon Field Guide

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