Baking: Pacific Loon



Gavia pacifica

Length: 22-29 Weight: 2-5.5 lbs


Black neck with white stripes along breast, sides, and throat. Gray head and back of neck. Compared to Arctic Loon, bill is thinner and lacks white patch on flanks.



Breed in Alaska and northern Canada, winters along the Pacific Coast south to Baja California.

Cool Facts:

Pacific and Arctic Loons were once considered the same species. Throughout the main part of each species’ range, both species have a purplish iridescence to their black throat. However, where the ranges overlap in Alaska, arctic loons have a greenish neck patch.

Pacific and Arctic Loons were once revered by Japanese fishermen as a messenger from heaven. The birds would cooperate to herd schools of small fish into a tight ball to feed, and fishermen would catch the larger fish that came in to feed as well.

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