Baking: Bufflehead



Bucephala albeola

Length: 12-15 Weight: 0.5-1.5 lbs


Male is white below with a black back. Head is large, mostly iridescent black with a large white patch on the back of the head. Female is dark brown above, light brown below, with a white spot on the cheek.



Breed in Alaska and Canada. Winter across the continental US and Mexico.

Cool Facts:

Buffleheads are cavity nesters. They primarily use holes excavated by Northern Flickers.

Bufflehead fossils have been found that date back 500,000 years; another fossil resembling a Bufflehead dates back two million years.

Bufflehead is a combination of “buffalo” and “head,” referring to the large head on these ducks, especially when males puff out their feathers.

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