Baking: Barrow’s Goldeneye



Bucephala islandica

Length: 16-18 Weight: 1-3 lbs


Male is white below and lightly white barred along wings, with a large iridescent head and white teardrop behind bill (compared to oval in Common Goldeneye). Female is mostly gray with a dark brown head, and bill mostly yellow (compared to mostly black in Common).



Breed in Alaska and northwestern Canada, with smaller distributions in Newfoundland and Iceland. Winter primarily in the mountains of western North America.

Cool Facts:

Goldeneyes are cavity nesters, and frequently lay their eggs in the nests of other females.

Barrow’s Goldeneye was named after Sir John Barrow, a promoter of Arctic exploration who was also the inspiration for the Barrow Straight in Canada and Point Barrow in Alaska.

Make your own bird cookies!

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