Baking: Horned Grebe


Podiceps auritus

Length: 12-15 Weight: 0.5-1.5 lbs


Rounded black head with red eye. In breeding season, rufous neck with tufts of yellow/orange feathers behind eye, and rufous sides. In winter, black and white, distinguished by smooth head and relatively slim body.



Breed in northwestern and central United States and Canada. Winter along the California coast and southeastern United States.

Cool Facts:

Horned Grebes frequently eat their own feathers and even feed feathers to their chicks, forming a feather ball in their stomach. This may act as a filter, or hold fish bones in the stomach long enough to be digested.

Although there is a similar species named the Eared Grebe, it is the Horned Grebe that bears the scientific name auritus , Latin for “having long ears,” a reference to the fanciful head tufts of this bird.

Make your own bird cookies!

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