Baking: Long-tailed Duck



Clangula hyemalis

Length: 15-22 Weight: 1-2.5 lbs


In summer, male has a black breast and head with a light face. Female has a white around neck and eye.

In winter, male is mostly white overall with black band on breast and some dark coloration over ear. Female has a white face, with brown circle on cheek.

Year-round, male is distinguished by long, graceful tail feathers.



Breed in northern Alaska and Canada. Winter along the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts.

Cool Facts:


The Long-tailed Duck can dive up to 200 feet, one of the deepest of any ducks. They also spend more time underwater when foraging than any other diving duck.

The varied plumage of the Long-tailed Duck is unusual, and unique. Most ducks wear only a single color palette all year, but Long-tailed Ducks have starkly contrasting summer and winter plumages, and typically spend the year in a continuous, gradual transition back and forth between the two.

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